SAMOs executive power is in the hands of the Board. The board is elected by the Council of Representatives for a calendar year. 

Board members get a small commission for participating the meetings. The chairman has the opportunity to perform his duties full-time.

The board is responsible for e.g. following tasks:

  • Runs student union activities according to law, rules and by the decisions of the council.
  • Represents the student union and maintains relationships with partners and interest groups
  • Prepares the matters for the council
  • Collects membership fees, takes care of student union´s assets, financial management and accounting.
  • Informs members about student union´s activities and events.
  • Maintains register of student union´s members
The Board consists of a Chairman and 5-10 members. The Board elects a Vice-Chairman and Executive Committee among its members. The secretary of the board meetings is Secretary General.