Julkaistu: 30.05.2017
SAMO will in the future concentrate on developing better services for our members
Julkaistu: 04.04.2017
Application time ends on 25.4.2017
Julkaistu: 05.01.2017
Minor changes in exercise shifts for spring.
Julkaistu: 20.12.2016
Join SAMO and get all the benefits for the best student life!
Julkaistu: 20.12.2016
Are you confused about which studentcard is best for you.

Help with choosing your studentcard

Are you confused about which studentcard is best for you.

Are you still thinking about which studentcard you should order. 

No worries!

More information about the different types of cards you can find from here.

When ordering you studentcard think about these things:

Are you a degree student? (Are you studying a whole degree here)  OR
Are you a exchange student (Are you coming only for a short-period of time)

Exchange students
Exchange students order their studentcard when arriving to Seinäjoki from the SAMO office.
Come to SAMO office and fill in the application as soon as you arrive.
SAMO office is situated in Frami F lobby!

Degree students

When ordering a studentcard you sholud takeinto consideration these facts: 

  • Do you want to get international student discounts from 130 different countries. This would mean that the international ISIC studentcard would be best for you
  • Would you  like that your paymentcard and studentcard was one and the same? This would mean that the payment card would we perfect for you. You can get this also in ISIC cards. 
  • Still thinking if the payment feature is for you? Then it is good for you to know that even if you choose the payment card you don't have to activate it. But the card still has the feature. So if you would like to take it into juse later on you can just activate it in Elisalompakko.
  • A card that has no payment feature is just that and you can not load a payment feature later on even if you would like to. And you can not get the ISIC feature on this.

Notice that there is a Aktia Gold mastercard offer for those who are citizens of Finland.

  • If you order a Aktia gold credit card at the same time as you order a student card you get 15.10€ of the studentcard (so you get the normal studentcard for free and ISIC for halfprice) 
  • If you cancel the credit card order after the order you have to pay back the 15.10€
  • This offer is a optional additional service and is not included in the studentcard so it is a separate credit card
  • This offer is a package deal only