Membership fees 2016-17


(confirmed at the councils spring meeting 3.5.2016)


  • The whole degree (4 yr / 240 cr) 80€
  • The whole degree (3,5 yr / 210 cr) 74€
  • Academic year (autumn+spring) 25€
  • Semester (autumn OR spring) 16€


  • Studen card with the payment feature 15,10€

  • Student card - ISIC Combination card 30,10€

  • Student card without the payment feature 15,10€

(NOTICE! To require a payment feature card you must have a Finnish personal identity number)

  • Blue student card is possible to get in all alternatives mentioned above. Every student studying for a degree or upper degree within SeAMK is entitled to blue student card! With blue student card you can get all local and nationwide student discounts and benefits.
  • Green student card is available only without the payment feature. Green card does not offer for example travelling discounts (VR and Matkahuolto) or student lunch.
  • Check out the eligibility criteria for the student card, so you know you if you are eligible for a blue or a green card.

  • When paying for the whole academic year 2016-2017 (autumn+spring) your membership and the sticker on the student card is valid until 30.9.2017
  • When paying only for the autumn semester 2016, your membership and sticker is valid until 31.1.2017

  • When paying only for the spring semester 2017, your membership is valid until 30.9.2017
  • When paying the whole degree at once your membership is valid the whole study time (depending on you degree program and payment 3,5 years or 4 years). This way you save money and make sure that your membership benefits last until the end of your studies.
  • You can pick up the new sticker for your student card when the previous one is becoming invalid. If you graduate ahead of time, change schools, quit your studies or something else you can get refunds from SAMO if you have payed membership fees beforehand.  


4-year  Bachelor degree programs(240 cr):

  • Agrologi (AMK)

  • Insinööri (AMK), Automaatiotekniikka

  • Insinööri (AMK), Bio- ja elintarviketekniikka

  • Insinööri (AMK), Konetekniikka

  • Insinööri (AMK), Rakennustekniikka

  • Insinööri (AMK), Tietotekniikka

  • Kulttuurituottaja (AMK)

  • Metsätalousinsinööri (AMK)

  • Rakennusmestari (AMK)

  • Terveydenhoitaja (AMK)

3,5-year Bachelor degree programs(210 cr):

  • Degree Programme in International Business

  • Degree Programme in Nursing

  • Fysioterapeutti (AMK)

  • Geronomi (AMK)

  • Restonomi (AMK), Ravitsemispalvelut

  • Sairaanhoitaja (AMK)

  • Sosionomi (AMK)

  • Tradenomi (AMK), Kirjasto- ja tietopalveluala

  • Tradenomi (AMK), Liiketalous

  • Tradenomi (AMK), Pk-yrittäjyys