As a member of SAMO you will get benefits and discounts from hundreds of different places.
In your use there is all the nationwide and local student benefits and more benefits come all the time. 
Check out all the benefits above and also in

SAMOs own membership benefits:

  • Ilkka-newspaper Free of charge for 1 month. ILKKA-benefit conditions
  • Calendar (You get a stylish calendar for free when picking up your studentcard or new sticker) 
  • Organization insurance (Valid in SAMO events and activities)
  • Sport turns, exercise and tournaments 
  • Student overalls membership price (You will save the amount of the membership fee on your overalls)
  • SAMO events and parties membership price
  • Triangeli-cruse membership price (The price for the cruse is much cheaper for members of SAMO!)
  • Membership prices in Café Tsumpi (Our student café at Frami offers regular discounts and campaigns for SAMO members)
  • Copies and printouts for membership price (Seinäjoen opiskelijapalvelut Oy:n offers copy and printout services for membership prices)
  • Organizational activities. Possibility to participate in the Union activities by joining SAMO council or board. 
  • Council election. As a member you have the right to vote and stand for election in SAMOs council elections. 
  • Trusteeship. SAMO represents students and oversees students rights in dozens of work groups and institutions.