Information about rental living


Always do a written lease. Changes in the contents of the lease should always be got in written. 

The lease should always mention: the price of rent, separate payments (for example water or car spot), rent payment day, possible check dates on rent, the condition of the apartment and the length of the tenancy. 

The lease time can be a for the time being or time-limited. In a for the time being leases you can give notice in written and the contract ends there but a time-limited lease is for a specified time and after that the lease expires.

Roommates should always make personal leases.

When moving to a apartment you should check the condition of the apartment together with the landlord (remember to take photos!) so to have the same opinion on the condition and avoid possible disagreement of the condition of the apartment when moving out.

Amount of rent

When renting from a private landlord you should always compare the rent prices to other same sized apartments in the area.

Giving notice on a rental apartment

Giving notice to a lease that is a for time being must be done by writing and the term for a notice is usually that it is done at least one month before the move. The one month notice usually starts at the end of the month that you have given notice.

When the tenant gives notice the notice time is one month and when the landlord gives notice the notice time is three months.

Whit litigation situations you should contact legal Aid, county officials and visit the webpage

Security deposit

It is in the rights of the landlord to collect a security deposit.

The security deposit is the property of the tenant and you get it back when the lease ends. The landlord has a right to the security deposit only if you leave your rent unpaid or the apartment has got significant damage. Normal traces of living do not give the right to keep the security deposit.  

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