Checklist for moving 

Checklist for moving

Remember to do a change of address notification no later than a week after moving in. The earliest you can do it is one month before you move. You can either change your register to the place where you will study or be registered to your hometown and only change your living address. 

You can fill the moving notification in or by phone in the Post customer service p. 0295 535 535.

You should notify your new address to companies where you get bills from. Most companies update their address info through the register. But you are still in charge that your bills come to the right address after moving. 

Remember to inform your landlord about moving.

Remember to do a electricity contract, compare different electric companies before doing a contract. 

Order your internet before moving, The student apartments in Seinäjoki get their internet by Anvia (

It is good to have a home insurance. Also the home insurances should be compared before choosing one.