All SAMO members who have registered present students in SeAMK and paid their SAMO membership fee for Autumn 2016 or Academic year 2016-2017 are entitled to vote in the council election.

The voting is carried out as a traditional ballot paper voting.

Election takes place on Tuesday 22.11.2016 between klo 10-14. There will be a voting place in following three SeAMK campuses:

  • Frami F ("glass palace", 1st floor)
  • Koskenalantie (lobby next to canteen)
  • Ilmajoentie (ground floor lobby)

The voting can be done in any of the places mentioned above, but of course only once (the election officials use on online list of voters). A voter has to prove his/her identity and membership with a valid student card.

Pre-poll voting is carried out eletronically in the internet.  The voting system is open from Tuesday 15.11. klo 12.00 to Saturday 19.11. klo 23.59. Every SAMO member get personal voting codes and instructions in his/her email address before the pre-poll voting starts. The vote can be given only once. The pre-poll voters will be marked into the voting list of the actual election day.

A list of eligible voters will be on display at SAMO office before the election. Remarks on the list must be designated to central election committee seven (7) days before the voting starts at latest.

The results of the election

All votes of candidates on the same list are counted together and thereafter personal result figures are counted from the total amount of the list´s votes. The candidate with most votes on the list gets the amount of total votes as his/her personal figure. The second on the list gets half of that, the third gets  a third of total votes and so on.

A candidate who is not member in any electoral alliance gets his /her total amount of votes as personal result figure.

When all votes and figures have been counted, 20 candidates with highest  personal result figures will be elected in the council.