Council election 2016


Election for SAMO council will be arranged 22.11.2016

There will be a new 20-members council of representatives for year 2017 chosen in the election. The council wields the highest decision-making power in the student union.

All SAMO members who have registered present students in SeAMK and payed SAMO membership fee for study year 2016-2017 are entitled to sign up for candidacy and vote in the election.

Enrollment for candidates is open and it ends on Wednesday 26.10. klo 12.00.

More info about the enrollment

The Central election committee accepts the candidate notifications and electoral alliances and verifies the list of candidates. After this the campaigns can start.

The voting is carried out through traditional ballot paper voting on Tuesday 22.11. between klo 10-14. There will be a voting place in following SeAMK campuses: Frami F, Koskenalantie and Ilmajoki.

Electric Pre-poll voting is open from Tuesday 12.11. klo 12.00 to Saturday 19.11. klo 23.59.

More info about voting

If you are interested in acting within student organisation and improving students´rights and benefits, enroll in for candidacy and start running for the council!

In any case do not forget to vote in the election!

Seinäjoki 26.9.2016


Student Union of Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences

More info about the election:

Eeva Herrala
Chair of Central Election Committee
040-763 0327

Kimmo Niemi
Secretary General
040-546 1777

Vaaliohjesääntö (pdf)

Edustajiston työjärjestys (pdf)