Newspaper clippings


Newspaper clipping 12.9.1996
In 1996, it was reported about Seinäjoki Univeritys own student union, opening party and student overalls!
SAMO's first Chairman and Vice Chairman give a good interview about the purpose of the student union, which still applies to 20-years later.

Newspaper clipping 11.9.1997
SAMO first year went to the start-up of operations and the creation of your student's image. One of the aims was to bring the various departments of Applied Sciences under the same umbrella.
By the year 2016 SAMO has really found its own identity, which every board during their year spice to theirs style.

Newspaper clipping 5.4.2000
SAMO has been forking with tutors from the beginning. In 2000, the tutors were being trained in Kauhajoki hospitality management unit. In this year, there where trained 120 tutors.
In 2016, there is 92 peer tutors, 14 international tutors for a total of 106 tutors. Of these, 14 are also digi tutors and 17 sport tutors.

Newspaper clipping 3.10.2001
SAMO has not just sat in the ivory tower, but the union has been pushing  the interests of all students. SAMO is not just a party and event organizer, but also a lobbying organization. In 2001,  SAMO co-organized with the Finnish Red Cross the blood donation campaign.
This year 2016 blood donation campaign will be held in November! Hand over as much as in other years?