A tutor is a peer student who volunteers to help and guide new students. A tutor helps and advises new students for the first year of their studies. You can always ask your tutor for help in small or big problems in your studies or in life.

There are about 120 active tutors in Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences.Tutormerkki2014 (kopio)

Every unit has a person in charge of tutoring affairs and they organize the tutoring activity in the unit.

Tutors welcome new students to the unit and support them.
Every starting student group has their own tutor that they can turn to.

At the best tutoring is fun and good for networking. Depending on the activity of the tutor they can get study credits form tutoring.

For more information about tutoring you can contact:

SAMOs Tutoring affairs person                                     

Sanna Sihto

Adviser, tutoring and communications

Helena Haatainen